Our Church...
A church is the people.
OMS people are school teachers, secretaries, retirees, computer wizards, managers, assistants, therapists, bank tellers, customer service reps, accountants, administrators, newlyweds, grandparents, young and old, men and women, conservatives and liberals - as our Prayer Book says, "All sorts and conditions of people"
We are saving a place for YOU.

Our Buildings...
We are blessed with a beautiful place for worship, built in 1916 by the DuPont family in French early Gothic style. Jewel-like stained glass windows, ornate wood carvings and stone statuary make this a mystical, solemn and glorious home for the people of God.
Our parish hall offers classroom space, offices, nursery and a Great Hall with kitchen for community life. Both are set in a green “garth” complete with memorial garden and rose garden.

Our Faith...
Episcopalians are Christians.
We have been called “the Catholic Church in love with freedom.”
We use the Book of Common Prayer in our worship. It is based on the Bible and the ancient tradition of the Church.
Our ministers are called “priests.” We are governed by Bishops.
We are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which means that we consider Anglicans from Australia to Zimbabwe our brothers and sisters.
We believe in the Trinity - God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.
One of our earliest thinkers defined the way we do theology as “the three-fold cord”: scripture, tradition, and reason. This means that we try to understand God through our own experience as well as what the church tells us.
We believe that men and women are equal. Our current priest is a woman.
We believe that God welcomes everyone, forgives everyone and loves everyone.
The Church of Our Merciful Saviour

Every Sunday
Services 9 AM Chapel, 9:30 AM MASS

Every Second Sunday - VESTRY
12 noon

OMS has begun a Prayer Chain.
This is a simple, meaningful event which involves anyone to join in to pray for a situation, person or thing. It is done everyday at 8 p.m. wherever you may be.

So please, JOIN IN and know to STOP what you are doing at 8 p.m. and pray.
Remember, prayer works at all time, for all people!

Friends, family, associates and acquaintance are invited to participate in any of these events.

Everything is free and costs nothing except for a possible new friendship!


Join hundreds from around the globe who are taking the Sole Challenge!

Click here for more details on
Sole 4 Souls challenge.

“Welcome to worship! In the words of the psalmist, let us “exalt the LORD our God and worship at his footstool.”
(Psalm 99:5, NIV)

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